Meet, Greet and Consultation Service

Initial consultation service will be held at your home.  We will meet and greet you and your pet. During this visit we will get to know you and your pet and discuss your requirements. For dogs: we will also take your dog for a short walk together.

Group Walk

A walk with a group of dogs lasting for at least 1 hour (excluding travel time). Your dog will be collected and dropped off from your home in our tailored vehicle. The group walks take place in safe locations throughout the Manchester area. Our favourites are the woods, waterparks and canal walks. After lots of fun and exercise your dog will have their paws cleaned and be put safely back at home, if you have requested feeding or any other requirements after the walk we are happy to accommodate those also. These walks are perfect for socialising your dog in a fun, safe environment. 

1-2-1 Walk

1-2-1 walks are ideal if your dog isn't particularly keen on the company of other dogs, is elderly or just needs a little bit more specific attention. These walks can be used to have a more hands on approach with your dog to focus on extra training or addressing some behavioural challenges. We offer these walks for 1 hour or 30 minute appointments.

Dog/Puppy Visit

Do you have a puppy who needs to adapt to a regular routine or an elderly dog who needs company, regular trips to the toilet? We offer 30 mins of play, feeding, training & a short 1 to 1 walk (if required). Once your puppy is big enough they can come & join our group walk.

Cat Visit

Up to 30mins. Cats prefer the comfort of their own home than the confines of a cattery. The visit will be tailored to your cat's individual needs. Feeding & water change, litter trays changed, play & cuddles as required, let out or let in (if required). Visits can be provided once or twice a day, depending on your preference.

Small Animal Visit

The small animal visit service is offered to all our little household pets, anything such as Rabbits, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Fish and Birds etc... We are happy to care for any animal and during the visit we clean and replenish food and water bowls, clean and change their toilet facilities, refresh/change bedding, checking your pet over and have some play and cuddle time (if required). Each pet is different and we are happy to tailor this visit to suit your pets and your requirements.

Pet Taxi Service

Hiking Houndz offer a pet taxi service for those occasions when you need to safely transport you animal somewhere. We have a tailored vehicle so we can ensure your pet is safe during this service. Whether its a trip to the vets, grooming parlour for a trim or something as simple as dropping them off at a friend's or relative's, we are always happy to help.

Key Holding service

For most of our clients we hold a set of keys so we can access their pet when our services are needed. Additional to offering services to your pet this is a service we can offer to you if you ever lose you keys or lock yourself out. You will no longer need to call the locksmith or smash a window to get back in your home, just give Hiking Houndz a call. We would be prepared to let any authorised person into the property but this would need to have been confirmed in email/text before doing so.