Jennifer Thompson
“I have always been a great animal lover and enthusiast. As a child growing up, my family had and loved a variety of pets, including: rats, tortoises, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, a snake, and of course dogs! As a teenager I also spent my weekends volunteering at an animal sanctuary. There I gained experience in caring for a range of animals, including those with troubled backgrounds. As an adult I rescued my first dog Alfie (Staffordshire cross) from Manchester Dog’s Home and he needed a lot of support in his social skills! I worked extensively with an ex police dog handler to rehabilitate Alfie, and he became a different dog. I am an experienced dog owner and take my English bulldog, Lillian, to dog training on a regular basis. Lil is my companion as well as a good friend to all of our furry pals who join us on our daily outdoor adventures. I love all breeds of dog, no matter how big or small, reserved or boisterous! I am aware of the importance of positively reinforcing obedient behaviour and this is embedded in my interactions with all of our furry clients, resulting in a controlled and enjoyable experience for your dog. I am absolutely committed to building you and your pet’s trust in myself, and in offering you a service that enables you to be secure in the knowledge that your pet is happy and safe when in my care.”

jen qual